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Ben has lost nearly 15 % body fat since his transformation began, he's in the best shape of his life and is competing at life like never before. His body and fitness have improved his family, marriage and business.

Kelly has lost over 50 lbs since she started training with us. She's more motivated than ever to continuing live a happy and healthy life.

Sunny lost over 20 lbs and almost 5 % Bodyfat in 6 weeks and feels Steiner and better than she has in years.

Amanda lost nearly 7 % of Bodyfat, she is a busy Mom of three and feels and looks the best she has in years.

Elizabeth lost 22 lbs in 6 weeks and is more motivated than ever to continue on her path to a happy and healthy future!

Julie lost 6.8 % Bodyfat in 6 weeks, zero joint pain, feels the best she's felt in years.

Sue lost over 20 lbs and 4.5 % Bodyfat in 6 weeks. She participated in our 6 week challenge and won her money back.

Allison lost 17.4 lbs of Fat and lost 6.5 % Bodyfat in 6 weeks!

Brandi lost 30 lbs and 6 % Bodyfat in 6 weeks. She also won her money back for losing over 20 lbs in our 6 week Transformation Challenge!