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What is Innovative Fitness?

Innovative Fitness, located in the center of Washington, is a premier personal fitness training facility. We give personal training to a varied variety of customers, from those competing in sporting events to those making a lifelong change toward wellbeing and physical health, through our professional and devoted staff of personal trainers. At Innovative Fitness, we provide a wide range of packages and training choices to suit any budget, including affordable group training, boot camps, partner training, and one-on-one specialized training. Our objective is to inspire you to achieve your goals and to lead you to better health.

As personal trainers, our role is to inspire clients by assisting them in setting objectives, as well as offering feedback and accountability. With frequent fitness exams, we examine our clients’ strengths and weaknesses and ensure that their plans are updated throughout their fitness journey. All of our trainers, coaches, and instructors at Innovative Fitness work as a team to ensure our clients get the best results possible. As a result, a client is never locked into one trainer and can use all of our trainers or just one, all without having to pay a different price or pay for additional training.

Innovative Fitness can show you what appropriate training and instruction can accomplish for your body and wellbeing now. We serve clients in and around the South Puget Sound region, including Fircrest and Gig Harbor, Washington. Visit our gyms or call us at (253) 565-1965 now.

What are the activities involved in Innovative Fitness?

At Innovative Fitness, we strive to provide you with the most effective exercises possible: our toolbox includes weighted battle ropes, kettlebells, suspension straps, traditional strength equipment, Cardio machines, and so on.

This world-class functional training equipment allows our trainers to give you a wide range of intensive creative training.

Innovative Fitness Personal Training

Consider personal training to be our secret formula — it’s the quickest and safest approach to attain absolutely amazing results. Our knowledgeable trainers create enjoyable (yes, fun!) tailored fitness programs that integrate cutting-edge workouts and nutrition to help you achieve your fitness objectives. Furthermore, Innovative Fitness personal trainers offer a thorough HIIT program to assist you in reaching your fitness objectives.

Our trainers provide infinite inspiration for everyone, thanks to specialist credentials that ensure you’re getting an excellent exercise. To participate in our programs, you do not need to be a professional athlete or aspiring fitness expert. Even if you’re already a professional athlete, we’d like to hang out with you.

Innovative Fitness Group Training

In our group training sessions, you may get sweaty with your closest friend or meet a new exercise mate on the turf! Your results are right behind that last rep if you have a team to drive you through that last rep. On your path to triumph, our trainers will keep you challenged and interested with skilled attention.

To learn more about small group training sessions at your club, speak with your favorite personal trainer. Under the Innofit Program, there are a plethora of enjoyable small group training sessions to select from.

Innovative Fitness Aims to Help Achieve Your Fitness Goals, Choose the Best, Innovative Fitness Gym

We all know that nutrition is an essential component of any effective workout program. Please check with your health insurance provider to see whether nutritional counseling is covered. Innovative Fitness is dedicated to assisting you in leading a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and proper diet. Reach our to our Registered Dietitian today to get started.

Get the Right Fit, Get the Right Diet with Innovative Fitness

The licensed dietitians at Innovative Fitness teach and support people of all ages in developing balanced and sensible eating habits that promote a healthy body weight and a pleasant relationship with food. This is a science-based diet that promotes a healthy, all-around lifestyle. Our coaching is a collaboration with you. We will create your meal plan together. It’s doable, pleasant, and incorporates your favorite meals. This method is not a “quick fix” diet. It is a long-term strategy to behavioral transformation and shifting the cognitive process that underpins these actions.

  • We provide instruction and counseling for particular medical dietary concerns such as (but not limited to) diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight reduction, inflammation, and gastrointestinal difficulties (irritable bowel, gluten allergies, etc.)
  • Individual and group lessons are available. Follow-up visits are powerful and vital because they allow us to obtain input from you on both the good and negative developments. Then we may change your diet accordingly.
  • We make nutrition enjoyable — something you want to do rather than something you have to do!
  • In most circumstances, health insurance coverage is available.

Innovative Fitness Personal Diet Counseling

Our nutritionists at Innovative Fitness will meet with you for an initial consultation to build a strategy to help you accomplish your individual objectives. They will also organize frequent follow-up meetings that are convenient for you. Individual lessons are available in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Innovative Fitness Group Diet Counseling

Sometimes having a buddy helps. Innovative Fitness offers a top small group program for weight loss and overall health improvement. We’re getting fantastic results! Participants dropped 10 to 25 pounds while lowering their cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure. They are also benefiting from improved energy, better moods, and enhanced self-confidence. They have increased the frequency with which they exercise and have gained consistency with their behaviors.

Life Changing Innovative Fitness Training

Innovative Fitness Training is a world-class fitness facility that specializes in innovative, high-intensity group exercises that are quick, engaging, and effective. Become a member of the Innovative Fitness family now and see for yourself what sets us apart. With our fitness studios developing throughout Washington, there’s certain to be an Innovative Fitness Training near you.

Get The Fitness You Need with Innovative Fitness

Innovative Fitness was created to deliver a practical full-body exercise while increasing energy levels, metabolic rate, strength, and endurance. Innovative Fitness Training’s team approach assists individuals in physically and emotionally transforming their lifestyles while fostering community growth and a no-ego attitude.

Relentless Innovation

We are not like other fitness centers in your area. Our functional fitness training sessions are always evolving, so no two exercises are ever the same!

Awesome Motivation

A group training facility’s stimulation and support produces a pulsating, happy environment where goals are accomplished and exceeded.

Outstanding Results

When it comes to weight loss, proper eating is essential. Innovative Fitness training provides all members with their own free personal nutrition program to help them accomplish their health goals through daily meal plans, tracking, and community support. You’ve arrived to the Innovative Fitness Challenge.

Why Choose Innovative Fitness?

Leading training professionals, athletes, and exercise scientists from across Washington make up the Innovative Fitness specialists, who are all devoted to the study, development, and implementation of Innovative Fitness Training programs. Our Innovative Fitness Department creates new programming for our studios on a daily basis, ensuring that our members are always interested, enjoying their exercises, and seeing results.

Functional Training

Functional Training is a type of exercise that incorporates training for tasks that people do on a daily basis and is intended to help people move and perform better in their daily lives. These exercises typically involve the use of your entire body and multiple muscle groups, and consistent adherence can result in a variety of benefits such as increased energy, body composition, metabolic function, and sleep, as well as decreases in fat mass, stress, depression, and the risk of lifestyle diseases.”

Community Building

The use of our functional and circuit training programs in a Team Training environment is the last component fueling the energy of Innovative Fitness Training. A Group Training facility’s enthusiasm and support create a pulsating, happy environment where goals are accomplished and exceeded. Communities supporting fitness, good health, and growth are formed at Innovative Fitness studios in the Puget Sound region, and they are the basis of our excellent brand’s power.

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