Innofit Inspiration

Below is a list of Transformation Tips that came from the mouths of those who have actually done it. Every tip below is from a fat loss champion who lost 50+ pounds!

  • Fat loss is 80% mental and only 20% physical.
  • Focus on non-scale victories like how your clothes fit, how you feel, and how much healthier you are.
  • Fix what’s going on inside before you attempt to fix what’s going on outside.
  • Don’t stress as much on what you are eating, but instead on how much you are eating.
  • Find a workout routine that you won’t be bored with.
  • Stick to your workout plan no matter how tired you’re feeling that day. Push your body through the motions even if you’re tired.
  • Use a slow cooker to have healthy meals on hand to avoid unhealthy meals.
  • Use a fitness app to log your meals, workouts and water consumption.
  • Try eating leafy vegetables and protein throughout the day to increase your energy. As a bonus this also increase the speed of your results.
  • Get creative with your healthy eating by trying out new recipes.
  • Find and accountability partner.
  • Make healthy changes gradually. If you ate a whole pizza yesterday then don’t swear pizza off completely. Just eat one slice today.
  • Don’t give yourself the option of giving up.
  • Ask for help. Seek the help of a fitness professional to maximize results!

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