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Archive for July 2019

Chili-Roasted Salmon and Veggies

Chili-Roasted Salmon and Veggies What’s for dinner tonight? I have a delicious recipe for Chili-Roasted Salmon and Veggies to share with you that’s quick, satisfying and might be just the perfect recipe to cook up for dinner tonight. The best dinners to fuel your fitness results are a combination of fresh, fiber-rich vegetables and quality…

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Low Carb Spaghetti and Meatballs

Low Carb Spaghetti and Meatballs So you ditched that package of high-carb noodles from your pantry, now learn to love nature’s healthy noodles: spaghetti squash. If you haven’t yet tried spaghetti squash then you’re in for a real treat. A pile of tender spaghetti squash strands piled high with protein and veggie meatballs makes the…

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Low Carb Southwestern Pizza

Low Carb Southwestern Pizza Craving pizza? Here’s a quick pizza recipe that is sure to satisfy even the strongest of pizza cravings. But don’t worry, this pizza is low carb and guilt-free so you can work it into your weekly meal plan. The simple technique used to reduce the carbs and the guilt of this…

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Flat Zucchini Noodles with Parm

Flat Zucchini Noodles with Parm Here’s a guilt-free pasta recipe for you! You won’t need a spiral slicer for this one, simply use a regular veggie peeler – like the kind you would use to peel the skin from a potato – to create long, flat zucchini noodles. This recipe has a scrumptious, nutty flavor…

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Toasted Lemon Quinoa Cabbage Salad

Toasted Lemon Quinoa Cabbage Salad Here’s a unique new salad recipe to try, that’s far from ordinary. With cabbage, green olives, chickpeas, quinoa and a lemony dressing, this salad really satisfies! It’s fantastic as a meal all on its own, or to be served with a larger meal. There are many elements of this salad…

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Chorizo Egg Skillet

Chorizo Egg Skillet Here’s a flavorful and exciting way to start your day! Chorizo, eggs, tomatoes and arugula are the star ingredients in this protein filled breakfast skillet. Feel free to enjoy it for dinner or lunch as well! What you needServes 4 2 links chorizo, casing removed½ yellow onion, chopped15-oz can diced tomatoes12 cherry…

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Easy Turkey Skillet

Easy Turkey Skillet Here’s an easy meal that epitomizes lean eating! It’s a simple skillet dish that doesn’t require any highfalutin kitchen skills, yet turns out tasting phenomenal! So often healthy eating is brushed off in favor of a quicker, easier option – however with a recipe this simple there’s simply no excuse to put…

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Bonus Recipe!

Egg White Muffins with Kabocha and Brussels Sprouts Had enough protein shakes for one day? How about filling up on these delicious Egg White Muffins? The inspiration for these muffins came from a fancy egg white frittata enjoyed at a swanky restaurant. This recipe gives you all the same gourmet flavor with the convenience of…

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31 Flavors of Protein Shakes

31 Flavors of Protein Shakes Protein is an essential macronutrient for building lean muscle mass and so there’s no disputing the fact that protein shakes are an important tool for fitness gains and fat loss. Not only does a protein shake meal replacement take only a few minutes to prepare, it keeps you on point…

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